NYC Trip Report: Day 1

We’re back from a long weekend in the Big Apple, where we ate well, but no apples were consumed. Day 1 began with H&H Bagels, conveniently located at 80th and Broadway, very near my aunt and uncle’s apartment.  Best bagels around. Were you aware that you can find a good bagel in New York?  I thought so.  Well, H&H is pretty awesome.

We went to the new Shake Shack location at 77th and Columbus for an early lunch, arriving as they opened at 10:45.  No line. We got a Shackburger and a cheeseburger (and couldn’t tell which was which), and fries, and an Abita root beer.  The buns make the Shack burgers, a bit sweet, perfect texture and bun-to-burger ratio; the overall taste reminds me of Seattle’s Dick’s burgers (that’s a good thing) though they don’t look the same and involve different toppings.  Must be the buns and the sauce, and also I think the burgers are griddled similarly.  Not quite as holy an experience as the many Shake Shack apostles would suggest, but very good.  Crinkle-cut fries also pretty good. Can’t argue with Abita.

For a second lunch, we hit the MOMA cafe, somehow making time amidst the seemingly neverending Picassos etc. MOMA is of course one of the finest museums in the world, and the cafe is also well above-average. I had a panini, very good, and accompanied by olives and pickled cauliflower.  Pickled!  Love pickled things. Others had pasta, also good, and large portions of everything (also unusual for a museum cafe, in my experience).

Pre-theater (Avenue Q!) dinner was at Lattanzi (361 W. 46th Street) (website is alas Flash-intensive), an elegantly downhome Italian bistro with exposed brick, perfect lighting, and smooooth service.  The calamari was maybe just slightly overcooked but still excellent, swimming in a spicy red sauce with peas and plenty of garlic.  Ravioli also good; didn’t have any lamb but it disappeared quickly from plates.  West 46th is teeming with restaurants (we had a mediocre pre-dinner beer across the street at a pub) and Lattanzi surely is one of the better places to eat.  Definitely would go back.

Coming soon: Day 2, in which we train it to the wilds of Park Slope.


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