Ruan, Tiffin, and Moby Dick, Oh My

Local favorites week! All as good as ever.  Was it really the first Ruan (11407 Amherst) of 2009?  It was, and they were packed as usual on a Saturday night, took nearly an hour for takeout.  The beef in the mussamun curry could have been more tender, but the sauce was even darker and more complex than usual.  The charcoal pork (moo cook foon) was perfect.

From Tiffin (1341 University), we got the usual array of lambcentricity, including enough biryani for several leftovers. The vindaloo was as spicy as I’ve ever had there (sometimes it isn’t particularly spicy); if I’m not sweating and nose-blowing and nearly dying, it’s not a fulfilling experience. This time I was fulfilled.  Tiffin’s biryani is consistenly excellent, this time was no exception. Their samosas are for some reason not as exceptional as the rest of their food, but I usually get them anyway, as they make a nice breakfast.

Then Mrs. Me decided she needed spontaneous sushi, so off we went to Moby Dick (11220 Triangle Lane). She got a mixed roll platter, I got unagi and maguro. For some reason I had already eaten, so wasn’t that hungry, but I felt like I had to get something. It was Moby Dick! So I did, and it was good. MD is incredibly consistent.


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