What Recession?

Tried to take out-of-town guest to Matchbox in Penn Quarter for dinner last night.  Tuesday, recession, figured we’d get right in.  No!  There were easily twenty people on the sidewalk, waiting to get in.  Maybe more.  Now, Matchbox is a popular place and probably too hip for us anyway, but Asia Spice next door was nearly as busy.  Ella’s?  An hour wait.  Chef Geoff’s, way over on 14th?  45 minute wait.  Did I mention it was a Tuesday night?  Bad economy?  I was and remain baffled.

We ended up at M&S Grill, where Mrs. Me has enjoyed lunches in the past, but the service wasn’t very good; hostesses were great but took at least ten minutes after being seated to get even a drink order taken.  French onion soup was very good, salads were fine; the fish and chips didn’t sit too well, and I suspect the fish may have been frozen.  It tasted pretty good, but was a too-perfect triangle, and the breading looked an awful lot like Gorton’s-style. Or maybe I’m just bitter that we couldn’t get in anywhere else.  Who could have expected we would need a reservation on a Tuesday night?  Did I mention there’s a recession on?  Sheesh.


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