Return to Mrs. K’s

Officially Mrs. K’s Tollhouse Restaurant (9201 Colesville, Silver Spring). First time back there since New Year’s Eve, and we got the same table, downstairs in the lovely renovated wine cellar, but happily this time the adjacent table did not house drunken elderly men and their rambling sexually explicit conversation.  Nor did our own table!

Mrs. K does solid salads, but the appetizer winner was a quintet of potato-chorizo croquettes, crisp outside and buttery inside with a slight kick.  I liked them better than Mrs. Me, no surprise, and they were a great value at $8 (they are not listed on the online menu). The crab cake appetizer was (reportedly) good despite an overabundance of sauce.  I also enjoyed the New Zealand lamb chops, perfectly medium or maybe a little more rare than that, on a bed of mashed potatos and carrots. Mrs. K’s isn’t cheap, but their food seems consistently very good across the board, based on two visits, and the atmosphere in the cellar is a big winner.  Something is just slightly off with the service, though I can’t put my finger on exactly what; it is friendly and informative and unobtrusive, sometimes perhaps too unobtrusive, as sometimes no servers are to be seen for long stretches.  Time between courses also seems a little longer than optimal, although we were having quality conversation so didn’t mind too much — but I noticed, nevertheless.


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