Matchbox — Capitol Hill

Dinner at the newish Matchbox Capitol Hill location over the weekend was a mixed bag. It’s nice to be able to go to a Matchbox and not have to wait a half hour or more to get in, so much space at the new location. And we still love the industrial-yet-modern-pub feel.

No pizza this time, very unusual for us; we opted for the chicken sandwich (me) and tuna salad (Mrs.), splitting sliders first. The sliders are always good at Matchbox, though sometimes heavy on the gorgonzola.  Also heavy on the onion straws, which are good but just too much. Heavy is kind of a Matchbox thing, though; our friends got the salmon (not heavy, just tasty) and the muffaleta, which was like wow heavy man. The bread alone was enormous, and not the right kind of bread for a muffaleta — sounds like Tim Carman at Washington CityPaper had a similar problem recently at (new, possibly improved? I look forward to trying it sometime, will not order muffaleta) Nicaro. Why do a muffaleta if you can’t do it right? The other ingredients seemed okay, maybe not enough tapenade. Not enough of something at Matchbox?  First for everything.

The chicken sandwich was solid. The tuna salad was also good once they got the order right, first bringing a seared tuna entree embedded in a substance that was unidentifiable but clearly not “salad.” The server returned to wonder if, perhaps, we had really ordered the non-salad, and he was reminded of the detailed conversation we had about the dressing on the side, so yes, the salad, please. Our server had a little Ruprecht in him. But really the service was generally very good, and the manager even delivered the correct salad himself and apologized, so no real harm done. My “Rotating Rogue” — some ale, don’t remember — was excellent, a nice change from the summerlong hophophop around our house. We like Matchbox. But next time, back to pizza.


2 responses to “Matchbox — Capitol Hill

  1. What’s a muffaleta? I guess a religous leader in Afganistan, but bet I’m wrong.

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