Great chieftain o’ the puddin-race!

Someone asked Sietsema in his WaPo chat yesterday about where to find Scottish food and specifically haggis in the DC area. The answer, of course, is in Wheaton, at the Royal Mile Pub, although I cannot vouch for the quality of their haggis. Their fish and chips are good, their scotch and beer selection is excellent, they have generally good food, and a fine pubby but not even remotely sportsbarry atmosphere.  If you like haggis — I know nobody who falls into that category — or, I suppose, if you just want to try haggis, I’m sure you could do much worse than the Royal Mile.  It’s a starter there, not an entree, so you wouldn’t be fully commiting. Plus it involves mashed potatoes and whisky gravy; how bad could that be?

The Royal Mile was also written up in the Wheaton Gazette this week because it is changing owners. The new owner, Michael Moore (no, not that Michael Moore) is a Wheaton resident, longtime Royal Mile fan, was already invested in the restaurant, and apparently plans to make few changes beyond continued pursuit of a rooftop deck expansion, which has in the past been zoned out, and would be a welcome addition. Wheaton needs more vertical space, especially commercial vertical space (as long as the space can be filled, anyway).

See also classic Robert Burns.


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