Bistro On Main — Lexington, Virginia

The Southern Inn was a mixed bag, but our salvation lay one block and sixteen hours away at Bistro On Main (8 North Main Street).  We were early for lunch but by 12:30 the place was mostly full.  Nice casual bistro feel, service was very friendly and reasonably efficient, although our server had to read her notes to remember what was in the specials — sometimes a bad sign, but not here. Chips and homemade salsa were excellent, not clear if the chips were also homemade but they were sure fresh and crisp; the salsa was thin, mostly tomatoes (in a good way), not at all spicy but lots of flavor. Better chips and salsa than many Mexican or Tex-Mex places are able to provide.

House salad was a winner, particularly the poppyseed dressing. The “filet wrap” (beef, shrooms, onion, sauce in a tortilla) got positive reviews, and the accompanying fries were “spicy” style but not really spicy, just good. I thought about an oyster poor boy but chose the crab and shrimp chimichanga instead, which was nicely fried, too much sour cream on top, not sure the crab was 100% fresh but still pretty good. Might try a poor boy or the burger if I ever go back, which I definitely would were I to find myself back in Lexington someday.


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