Wooed (again) by Woomi

Returned with out-of-town friends last night to Woomi Gardens (2423 Hickerson, their website is well-designed IMO), another very good experience.  Less teeming on a Sunday than on Fridays or Saturdays, but still doing a nice business, with a clientele of maybe half Asians and half not. Koreans eating at a Korean restaurant (for example) is usually a good sign, and it is at Woomi. We’ve never had anything bad there, and some dishes are very good, especially anything spicy.

Panchan good as always, and we were informed that the thin beige chewy strips of something that we thought might be (a) fish, (b) tofu, or (c) noodle are in fact a combination of (a) and (b). Not as good as the kimchi but still tasty. They also do a nice miso soup. Squid in hot and spicy sauce was rubbery but the sauce was indeed fiery, pushing but not exceeding the limits of forehead sweat and capillary explosion. A lighter touch on the squid and they would have a gem. Beef negimaki is nice, maybe a bit oversauced. Bibimbap standard and good.  Sushi also solid.

Service is great at Woomi, extremely attentive and quick. They seem genuinely interested in our having an excellent experience.  Is this typical of Korean places, more so than other ethnic restaurants?  When I ordered the squid, our server made sure I understood that it would be spicy. Yes indeed! But good of her to make sure.

Also: Asahi.

“There aren’t enough plates on the table,” said Carl at the end, haha — you almost literally could not see the table beneath all the plates. Panchan! Woomi is a little pricier than Wheaton’s other ethnic restaurants, but is also better than most; we will continue to return.


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