Wheaton Escalator Rant

No, this rant is not about how often one and occasionally more of Wheaton’s three escalators are out of service (very often) or how long it took them to fix one of them at the beginning of the year (really really long) — but those would both be legitimate rants. On the other hand, maybe Metro has suffered enough lately.

This rant is about the people who crowd up against the train doors in anticipation of arriving at the station, and burst out of the train…and then just stand and ride up the escalator, leaving those of us who walk up to have to navigate around them. If you’re in such a hurry to get wherever you’re going, then keep moving! And if you’re not in a hurry, chill and let those of us who would like to move faster to exit the train first. Standing on the right side of the escalator doesn’t solve the problem in a station like Wheaton, where so many people exit during evening rush that the backups are huge and just one person toward the front of the line who stops instead of walking, even on the right side, throws extra confusion into the mix.

I’m sure we can agree to make an exception for those few people who have disabilities and need to be first off the train lest they miss their chance to exit entirely because they can’t move fast enough.  Those people can crowd the door.  But if you’re able-bodied, and you’re not planning on walking up the escalator, please do not line up at the train door in advance, you’re just being a nuisance. I would love to know why it is so important for these people to be the first ones on the escalator, when they’re clearly in no hurry to get to the top.

This is a problem at many Metro stations but is worst in Wheaton, popular commuter destination and home of the longest escalators in the Western Hemisphere (longer ones are in Russia and I have ridden those too; they are extra fun because there is a woman in a booth at the bottom who yells at anyone who doesn’t stand to the right — maybe that’s one byproduct of socialism we could use right here in the U.S.A.!), and more to the point, home of me.


Off to pick up dinner at Wong Gee, review to follow tomorrow once I have digested (haha!) the experience.


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