The Week in Eating (Not in Wheaton)

Is it possible to do too much eating in a weekend? I tested, and I think proved, that theory.  Last weekend culminated at Tiffin (1341 University) with the usual biryani, vindaloo, samosas and naan. Tiffin is so consistently excellent, I don’t know why they don’t get more attention. Their biryani is addictive, and the vindaloo is (usually) sweat-and-eyewatering hot.  As it was on Sunday!  And it only took most of this week to recover.

This week also featured happy hour at Againn (1099 New York), newly opened and more sleekly modern than expected. Food has gotten mixed reviews so far, we only had drinks and a pretzel (which was fluffy enough). The happy hour menu is short but good; I can vouch for the Mayflower Martini, a fine, lemony $5 value. Not enough space in the bar area, though. We did not rent a scotch locker, but requisite jokes were made.

Went to Brasserie Beck for dinner but too much chaos and long wait, so instead found ourselves at Mazu (1100 New York Ave. NW). Not to be confused with swank Cafe Mozu in the Mandarin Oriental, Mazu is casual, cheap, and not bad.  Their happy hour specials were in fact great: pitchers of Singha, a good saketini, various yakitori (small kebabs) for a dollar or two — we got chicken, pork belly, tofu, asparagus, and all were solid bar bites. “Bangkok wings” are excellent fried chicken wings with Thai-style dipping sauce.  Perfectly acceptable California rolls; friendly, efficient service. I would not call Mazu a “destination”, but if I’m near the convention center during the hours of happiness, I would totally go there again.



2 responses to “The Week in Eating (Not in Wheaton)

  1. Why did this post get tagged as “Irish”? Againn bills itself as a British gastro-pub (essentially a bar or tavern with a gastroenteritis themed menu), and I think the name is derived from the Scottish gaelic word Againn (another thematic reference to seeing the food a second time). I think it should probably be tagged as British or Norovirus or something.

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