Wheaton Kiss’n’Snack’n’Liquor’n’Laundry

The new convenience store/liquor store/laundromat has been open for a while now right at the Wheaton Metro entrance and contrary to my fears, it has not (yet) resulted in a noticeable increase in drunken loitering on the sidewalk. In fact, aside from congestion due to people waiting for the bus, the new metro entrance on Reedie has worked out about as well as could be hoped, especially on days when the elevator is in service.  Bagged clothes are visible behind the counter, so people must be using the laundry service (unless it is a Potemkin laundry?). And if I ever need Tastycakes or cheap wine before (or after) a Metro ride, I’m all set.

Having said that, I miss the old tree-lined Kiss’n’Ride, and given the inevitability of its disappearance, I wish that instead of the convenience store, we had gotten a coffee house or cafe. Mayorga Coffee wouldn’t like an outlet at Wheaton Metro? Or Caribou? Or some enterprising Wheaton resident with Starbucks-crushing dreams? Really?  The Metro-adjacent storefront on the other side, on Georgia, is still vacant, maybe they have a tenant lined up, I don’t know.  Rumor was FedEx, which I guess wouldn’t be bad, but surely we can do better. We can, but we probably won’t.


3 responses to “Wheaton Kiss’n’Snack’n’Liquor’n’Laundry

  1. Have you been to the DeJaBel cafe in the old Anchor Inn Complex? It’s quite a nice little coffee shop, and they now have a wine and beer license. First wine tasting is tomorrow I believe, only $5 cover.

  2. Thanks for the news! I did not know they had gotten their license, will definitely check out a wine tasting at some point. I’m not sold on their coffee, as too much Starbucks has turned me into a bitter, strong coffee fan (that is, bitter coffee, not bitter me!); DeJaBel’s brew is really mellow. I wish they were at the Metro instead of their strip mall, although where they are isn’t a bad location.

  3. I wish that Dejabel would move to the new Safeway complex–there is going to be space for a coffee shop apparently. Or maybe Mayorga would relocate there?

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