The Lime in Winter

This morning’s Wheaton H Mart visit was outstanding as usual, featuring a variety of reasonably-priced, high-quality produce, meat, and seafood. Unusually, though, limes were only three for a dollar — usually they are five for a dollar, sometimes seven or even eight for a dollar (though that is often a sign that their shelf life is about to end). I wonder if this is related to the North American cold snap that has notably been endangering the Florida orange crop for the past week or so? Most limes consumed in the U.S. are grown in Mexico or other further-flung countries, not here, as I understand it. And of course Mexico is a big country, but at least parts of it have been having unusually cold weather just like we have. My household can easily weather an uptick in orange juice prices, but heaven forfend a lime shortage!  Just one more reason I can’t wait for warmer temperatures.

The quality of today’s H Mart limes was the usual excellence, so at least that isn’t a problem so far. And even at three for a dollar, they are still cheaper (and better) than the limes at Safeway or Giant or most other stores.


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