Rumor and Innuendo in Bulk Quantities

Maryland Politics Watch says MoCo is secretly scheming to bring Costco to Wheaton — specifically, to the Westfield Wheaton Mall.  I like Costco, but I also agree with pretty much every criticism MPW has of this (alleged) plan.  Hard to know what’s really going on, as Tuesday’s county council discussion was in closed session, and their agenda (linked from MPW) was awesomely vague:

“[T]o consider a matter that concerns the proposal for a business or industrial organization to locate,  expand, or remain in the State, pursuant to Maryland Code, State Government Article, §10-508 (a)(4). Topic is to discuss specific companies potential moves into the County and retentions in the County.”

The Beltsville Costco isn’t far from Wheaton, and the car-centric dynamic of Costco shopping doesn’t fit with what I hope is the public-transit-centric future of the Wheaton core. I’d rather have a Wegman’s in Northern MoCo than a Costco in downtown Wheaton. Then again, revitalization needs to start somewhere. Is a Costco at the mall better or worse than the status quo?  I’m sure the county councilors are about to get an earful either way.


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