A Day of Costco and Wegman’s

Perhaps inspired by the MoCo council, we went today to the Beltsville Costco, the only local source for Dungeness crab I know of. Traffic was a breeze — took maybe 15 minutes each way — but parking was a nightmare. I have rarely seen so many people transfer goods from cart to car so slowly. Lesson: Costco at lunchtime on a Saturday is always a bad idea (the line for pizza/hot dogs inside looked as long as the wait for a parking space). Today’s experience reinforced the notion that the Beltsville Costco is plenty close enough to Wheaton, and I would rather the mall find other, less car-intensive anchor tenants.

Then this afternoon we picked up friends at Dulles, preceded by a Wegman’s pilgrimmage, featuring the usual array of scallops, steaks, produce, etc etc. Wegman’s is culinary Disneyland. Not sure Wheaton is a possibility for a future Wegman’s, which is not yet anywhere in Maryland (allegedly coming to PG County soonish), but maybe Olney or something would work. Hope so — the Sterling store is great, but too far for anything close to regular shopping. Thank goodness for the Georgia Avenue H Mart.


3 responses to “A Day of Costco and Wegman’s

  1. Mr. Me, we’ve actually BEEN to a Maryland Weggies, the one outside Baltimore (twice). PG county and Columbia are purportedly their next MD locales to open up, but it sure would be great to have one in Wheaton too! Much better than Costco (tho I would drive to neither).
    -Mrs. Me

  2. There is a Wegmans under construction in Columbia. We saw they now have a construction site trailer last time we were out that way. I would definitely drive to Columbia for that 🙂

    • Woohoo! Thanks for the heads up. I knew Wegmans was coming eventually up there. Wonder when they’ll open. I have to say, H Mart is pretty awesome and makes me better able to deal with no Wegmans. But clearly Wegmans would be better for certain things.

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