Red Hot Nava, Ice Cold Tropical Ice Cream

I love introducing people to Nava Thai (11301 Fern). We rave about it, setting the bar really high, and yet it never disappoints. Last night’s repast featured the fiery som tam (papaya salad), tom kha gai (coconut soup with chicken, less spicy than usual but still flavorful), pad thai, eggplant, panang curry, and roasted half chicken. I was this close to licking the panang plate at the end. They happily wokked up a special batch of plain rice noodles for the younger, pickier eater in our group. There were virtually no leftovers, just a piece or two of eggplant. Nava is consistently the best Thai around. We sat in the left side of the restaurant this time, usually we’re in the right side — left side is a little darker, but also more elbow room. The place wasn’t packed as it sometimes is but was doing a solid business.

We were stuffed, but ice cream had been promised to the young’un, so we cruised down Georgia to Tropical Ice Cream (9324 Georgia, more or less across from the Woodside Deli), which we have passed many times but never visited. We arrived barely before their 8pm closing time (hours are longer from April to August). They’ve been making their own ice cream in that location since 1984, specializing in exotic tropical flavors. Last night, the Oreo Cookie ice cream was a clear winner. I’m not a huge ice cream fan, but Mrs. Me and pretty much everyone we know is, and it did look good, plus I like the locally owned, friendly, self-described “cultural/quaint” atmosphere, so I’m sure we will be back when winter is a distant memory. They also have a rule I like and had never seen before: the first two tastes are free, and if you need more before deciding, you can pay a dollar and get up to ten additional tastes.  Seems like a creative, fair deal to me.


2 responses to “Red Hot Nava, Ice Cold Tropical Ice Cream

  1. Nava’s crispy whole fish (flounder) with chili sauce is the single best dish I have ever eaten anywhere.

    Unrelatedly, I wish the new sign were more classy. Doesn’t really fit the restaurant. Hasn’t stopped me from going there at least 3 or 4 times since it’s been up, but I’m not sure it’s helping them. The place was regularly packed just by word of mouth before they had a sign at all. I wish they would take it down. It looks like a food court sign.

    • Agreed about the food court neon, although it’s better than nothing. This is not a town full of classy signage. The whole neon sign/white building/Greek interior touches sort of fit multicultural, offbeat Wheaton.

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