Wheaton Costco Got a Brand New Blog (chingachingachingachingaching…)

This blog was set up by…who?  Community leaders, I guess, to provide a forum for us all to discuss Costco and Wheaton.  So go forth and discuss!

This is on the heels of yesterday’s meeting between Costco and the Kensington Heights Civic Association. Based on an email that was forwarded to me, the main interesting nuggets of info from the meeting are:

  • The old Hecht’s space would be razed, new structure built, with Costco upstairs and other retail-to-be-named-later on the ground floor;
  • Total cost of project estimated at $58 million, of which MoCo would contribute $4 million; estimated “economic impact” from Costco to “the region” estimated at $46 million annually (plus nearly 500 permanent jobs); not sure where these figures are coming from;
  • Stormwater management may be an issue;
  • Costco will only agree to the deal if (a) Moco kicks in the $4 million, and (b) they are allowed to build a gas station as part of the store complex — the gas station would go in the far SW corner of the mall, which is part of why nearby Kensington residents are nervous (noise, CO2, etc.).

Fascinating, captain. I wonder if the gas station is so crucial because it is incredibly profitable (in which case, why can’t other gas stations compete on price?) or because it is an incredible loss leader?  Or somewhere in between?


One response to “Wheaton Costco Got a Brand New Blog (chingachingachingachingaching…)

  1. Not relevant to this discussion I noticed that someone illegally posted a pdf of the extensive Silver Spring (including Wheaton) article in the new issue of the Washingtonian. This article isn’t on the official Washingtonian website, just some dude’s – http://xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/17618821/1300326495/name/Best+Of+Silver+Spring.PDF
    I mention this only because I’m disgusted at the way some people disregard our nation’s copyright laws, not because it makes for interesting reading.

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