Best Laid Plans Lead to Nava

We fully intended yesterday to visit Tabasco in Rockville (4007 Norbeck), at the suggestion of commenter Nick, in our continuing quest for better local Tex-Mex. But then a “dusting” of snow turned into six inches, and whoopsie MoCo didn’t plow any of Wheaton’s streets (until today)!  Conveniently, some friends wanted to visit Nava (11301 Fern), which we were able to reach even through ice and slush.  So Tabasco will have to wait.

Nava was predictably uncrowded considering the weather, service and food were good as usual, but we made the mistake of discussing spicy food tolerances at the table, which I think led our server to tell the kitchen to tone everything down.  Nothing was as spicy as it usually is.  They also had Massamun beef curry, my holy grail, and it was good but not transcendent like the last time.

We tried a couple of appetizers we hadn’t before: steamed dumplings were juicy and flavorful and large; sizzling pan-friend beef had just a little spice kick and a slightly gritty but tasty dipping sauce; and the twice-cooked duck salad was excellent, deep-fried duck (hard to go wrong there) with veggies in a spicy sauce — it was served cold, which I wasn’t expecting, but the dish absolutely worked. Beyond that, most of us ordered various kaprows, all good, and Mrs. Me tried the roast pork and egg noodle soup, which was maybe more mellow than she was expecting but it all disappeared, which is the typical sign of another quality Nava outing.


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