Book Closed On Wheaton Library Move

Took me a while to get to this, but have been meaning to address the news that Wheaton’s library will remain in its current location at Georgia and Arcola. I’m sympathetic to the idea that a downtown library could help improve the overall downtown experience, but I think it will be more convenient for more people right where it is.  Wheaton’s library is pretty good, and I love the Friends Book Sale in the basement too.  I would be interested in putting  a small, satellite library in some future, reconstructed downtown core: some computer terminals, a reference section, and small collections of children’s, YA and popular adult fiction. If you want a book from the main Wheaton branch, you could request it online or by phone at least 24 hours in advance and then pick it up at the downtown satellite (thus needing only one book shuttle per day between main and satellite). But that model may not work economically, when you add real estate costs to insurance to HVAC to personnel — even in a small library, you would probably need at least two employees at any given time, plus maybe a security person. I do like the concept, though.

Meanwhile, nobody will visit the Wheaton library this weekend, because here comes snow. It’s not too late to panic, if you haven’t already! Mrs. Me wisely purchased limes on Wednesday, so we’re all set.


One response to “Book Closed On Wheaton Library Move

  1. Sad news, Dejabel has closed.

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