Waiting for Snoverkill

I don’t feel the need to keep up or join in with the latest snowstorm naming conventions (Snowpocalypse, Snowzapalooza, Snowmageddon, etc. etc., whatever whatever) but I do like how the Post is calling the next storm Snoverkill.  It’s funny because it’s true.  The Post Capital Weather Gang has done a great job over the past few days with storm updates. Hopefully tonight/tomorrow’s storm will be on the low end of the 5-to-20 inch projections, with not too much power loss. I am ready for spring.

We walked around the neighborhood again this morning and picked up a few more grocery items at Asian Foods, in the same strip mall as Max’s, Shalom Kosher, Full Key, and Pho Heip Hoa (2211 University), where we got some pho to go. Nothing special, but good, especially on a cold day. Fresh basil, hot pepper, lime, and scallions, and decent broth. Every neighborhood should have an at-least-decent pho place. We also got a few more limes, so we should be set for a couple more days. Our street still hasn’t been plowed — wonder how long it will take to get dug out after tomorrow?


4 responses to “Waiting for Snoverkill

  1. Have you tried contacting the county to get your road plowed? My block was the only unplowed one around us so I called, emailed and put in a web request yesterday. By 7pm last night the plow was here. I know one of my neighbors also called so maybe they just got sick of hearing from us. Might be worth a try.

    • I watched a plow/sand truck drive down our street this afternoon, sprinkling sand but not plowing. Oh well, at this point may as well wait until Thursday.

  2. Kudo’s for ordering take-out yesterday. A lot of local owned eateries are being devasted by the lost income, and are going an extra mile to try and open during this period in hopes that folks will order out. 10 days of lost income is far to much for many to survive. For anybody that can, give your favorite local take-out shop a break, and order out (but don’t necessarily expect 30 minute delivery!)

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