Return to Normalcy, With Limited Vegetables

Kensington Safeway was completely cleaned out of green vegetables this morning when I went to restock our refrigerator. Well, almost cleaned out: I got the last broccoli, and the (extremely fresh and enticing) broccolini was piled high in a bin apart from the other greens and so had apparently been overlooked, or else people are scared off by the extra “ni“.  But not a single green bean, zucchini, broccoli (post-me), or asparagus to be found. They did have brussels sprouts, but who eats those?  Evidently nobody in Kensington.

The store was busy but not bonkers and they had plenty of checkers to handle the flow. Other sold-out items included low-sodium chicken stock and Kleenex with lotion. Bananas were in low and bruised supply. I was expecting to find no milk or eggs but there was plenty; apparently stores got extra dairy in expectation of storm panic shopping. Also plenty of parking, nice job clearing snow from the lot. Tomorrow I will investigate the post-Snowpocalyptic shelves at H Mart.


2 responses to “Return to Normalcy, With Limited Vegetables

  1. They had restocked much of the produce by Sunday, but big crowds made checkout slow. I wished I had braved the GA Avenue traffic and gone to Snyders–it’s so much better than Safeway.

  2. This reminded me of the Boston area French Toast Alert System.

    As I write this, we’re facing an Elevated alert level: “… head to store for an extra gallon of milk, a spare dozen eggs and a new loaf of bread.”

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