Dia del Valentino @ Antipuqueño

Tyler Cowen was right, about everything. We wove our way through the slush, past dozens of snow removal trucks and bulldozers to hit Antipuqueño (2504 Ennals) for a pupusa snack today, and the pupusas were indeed excellent: soft and fresh and delicious. A simple food done really well.  They only have two kinds, cheese and…something I didn’t quite catch, but I’m pretty sure it involves pork. Better than Irene’s pupusas, which are also good. Mrs. Me got a burrito, which was also good, gooey with cheese and fat with fresh veggies and chicken and black beans. As predicted by Tyler, the waitresses did giggle at us, but did not mess up the order,  although we did end up waiting for nearly a half hour — but that is surely due to being there at 3pm on Valentine’s Day, and also Mrs. Me’s half of the order being placed after the fact.

The space is weird: several blue-felt pool tables at the front, maybe 15 tables to the left side of the bar, and a stage in back, and little else in terms of decor. Latino music blasted when we got there, but then shut off. Could be a good place to get food and drinks and hear a band, if the music is good. I would totally go back for more pupusas and to further explore the menu, especially with a group, which I think would be more fun there than just one or two people.


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