Burgers in Bethesda

We tried to lunch today at Bethesda’s Relic (4936 Fairmont, beware annoying, slow, loud website) but they aren’t open for lunch, any day of the week. We should have checked first. We were also considering Russia House (1800 Connecticut) but they don’t do lunch either — at least in RH’s case we found out in advance. I’m sure there are good economic reasons for being dinner-only, but I don’t really get it.

No matter. We can improvise. We continued up the block to BGR (4827 Fairmont), where we sat at the Pac-Man table and listened to high-volume Meatloaf and Twisted Sister as we enjoyed burgers and fries. When you say medium rare at BGR, that’s what you get. I tried today’s special, the Philly-style “Cheese Wit,” which was good but the flood of Cheez Whiz kind of overwhelmed the beef (but the massive spillage was a deliciously gooey vehicle for the fries, so it all worked out fine). Last visit they skimped on the fries but this time there were more than enough, similar to Five Guys fries in look and taste but crisper on the outside.  BGR knows what they’re doing.  They would be a great replacement in the soon-to-be-vacant Hollywood Video space in the H-Mart strip mall on Georgia in North Wheaton. I have already suggested this to the proper authorities, and am not holding my breath, but then again a guy can dream…


4 responses to “Burgers in Bethesda

  1. Improper Authoriities

    I had the fortune of sampling Ray’s Hell Burger in the commonwealth on Friday. They are brave enough to not overcook their burgers, which apparently are made from unused steak from Ray’s The Steak. Outstanding burger. GEIW should conduct some type of Burger-Off, the winner of which is presented with a year’s free rent at the open space near H-Mart.

  2. I have to admit that I haven’t tried BGR yet but I am interested. However before I try the BGR burger I’m planning on sitting at the bar in Ray’s The Classics and ordering their burger. A quick note on Five Guys – I only tried it once, a few months ago, and I was not too impressed. I rated it slightly better than the standard fast-food burger, but not at the same level as a decent restaurant burger.
    If I get to Ray’s I’ll let you know what I think.

    • Hmm. I would say 5G is more than slightly better than the usual fast food burger. I guess it depends what you consider “usual” — I think it beats the national chains easily, all of them, but is arguably only equal to or not quite as good as In-n-Out, Dick’s, or other regional single joints or tiny local chains. And lots of restaurant burgers are really not very good. 5G and BGR also are well above average on fries, IMO.

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