Liquor Laws, Mostly

Nice story in today’s Gazette about saving Royal Mile’s roof from Snoverkill. Always nice when the community comes together. Scotch eggs all around.

Also an interesting story about undercover alcohol enforcement in MoCo, where every alcohol-serving business gets tested by the underage undercover team every two years, and where (in Wheaton and Bethesda anyway) only one out of sixty businesses failed in the latest round. 18-year-old “Shannon,” though, has a remarkably high success rate — beware her sting, ye local alcohol vendors!  It’s a good reminder that we should never be offended or irritated when we get carded, no matter what we look like or how old we really are. We want all our restaurants to stay in business — well, the good ones, at least — and in order to do that, they need to follow the rules, including carding everyone.

Since we’re all rigorously following the liquor laws, maybe our Maryland legislature will reward us by allowing us to buy wine direct from wineries? So far 64 alcohol-related bills have been introduced in the 2010 session, but not the one that would allow direct wine shipping (as far as I can tell by lazily scanning the bill subjects but not actually reading any full-text). One of these days, I’m sure.

One response to “Liquor Laws, Mostly

  1. I hear you on buying direct from wineries – its about time. We have so few options in the state of Maryland that its time we were allowed to order decent wine!

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