Comfort Food

We used to get meatball subs from Marchone’s (11224 Triangle Lane) more frequently on Saturday or Sunday for lunch, on our way back from the gym or morning errands. There has been less of that lately, but we did it today, and it reminded me how familiar those subs are to us now, and how tasty they are. There’s no secret ingredient (as far as we know), just good Philly rolls and fresh ingredients. For me, those meatball subs are 100% satisfying comfort food.

For some reason, so are McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish sandwiches, which I rarely buy because they are (a) unhealthy and (b) usually cost over $2 which is a total ripoff. But at the moment they are 99 cents and so this week I had one two. Something about the steamed bun and reheated extruded fish-parts-patty and tartar sauce takes me back to childhood, not that we went to McDonald’s almost ever, so maybe that’s a false association. The second one was probably overkill, but I wanted it to last a while so I can savor the memory for the next three or so years until I break down and buy another one. Although, in a way, McDonald’s will never be quite the same after seeing Logorama.


2 responses to “Comfort Food

  1. “Supersize Me” killed McDonald’s for us

    • I know what you mean — great, disgusting movie, although in fairness he purposely tried to be unhealthy rather than seeking out relatively healthy fare.

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