A March Miracle

This morning all three Wheaton Metro escalators were operational, simultaneously.  First time since January, and maybe the fourth time in 2010.  I couldn’t swear to it, but I think I saw a leprechaun inside the booth. And, the Potomac already having frozen over, I am waiting for frogs or locusts or bunnies or something, anything but snow, to fall from the sky…


2 responses to “A March Miracle

  1. You can relax – by Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning the Wheaton metro had returned to its normal complement of two working escalators.

    Side note: on Sunday afternoon a stop work order was seen posted at the long and eagerly-awaited Pashions. It said they’d been doing plumbing work without a permit. This could be progress – permit or not, work was actually being done.

    • Metro giveth and Metro taketh away. I will believe in Pashion when I see it actually open; for now it is the leprechaun of the Wheaton restaurant scene. Permit problems don’t bode well, although my guess is most new small businesses run afoul of MoCo in various ways.

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