Wheaton Burger Situation

I have been thinking a lot about burgers lately, which isn’t really any different than normal. But in particular, I’ve been pondering the relative quality of various hamburger purveyors, and also how to describe them.

In Wheaton, there isn’t a lot of burgering going on. We have  several fast food outlets: McDonalds, Wendy’s, Checkers, and maybe Burger King if you consider that part of Wheaton, way up Georgia north of Randolph. I prefer none of the above, strictly in terms of burgers. I’m leaving fish, chicken, and fries out of it for now.

Aside from that, what does Wheaton have?  Royal Mile has a good burger. Nick’s may have a burger, not sure. Probably IHOP. And I think that’s it. We don’t have any of the upscale fast food burger chains, or whatever you want to call them, the kind that are still fairly speedy but better quality than usual fast food, but not sit-down table service like RM or other full service restaurants, ranging from Five Guys to In-n-Out to Z Burger to Good Stuff to BGR to Ray’s Hellburger and I’m sure I’m missing lots of other, similar options. We don’t even have a Jack-in-the-Box, my preferred national or semi-national fast food burger. And we have no purely local burger joints like Shake Shack (NYC) or Dick’s (Seattle) or Red Mill (Seattle again) or Wingfield’s (Dallas) or I could go on for most cities and small towns in America. Steak’n’Shake is popular in the Midwest, just ask Roger Ebert.

But we got nuthin’. I think Wheaton is ready for quality burgerage. Five Guys would be fine with me, but I know not everyone thinks they’re so great; I would welcome any of the brands listed above, and then some. Hopeful that maybe the Hollywood Video space up Georgia in the H Mart strip could end up a burger place, but if not there, somewhere, sometime soon.  Just not sure where or when.

In the meantime, I can only eat vicariously at other towns’ awesome burger joints via A Hamburger Today.


9 responses to “Wheaton Burger Situation

  1. five Guys…basically in Wheaton/Glenmont
    13509 Connecticut Ave
    Silver Spring, MD 20906-2912

  2. Personally, I think that the Royal Mile has one of the best burgers around. It would be nice to a good option for fast food burgers, but when it comes to a sit down burger place, it’s hard for me imagine something better than the one at the Royal Mile.

  3. Believe me, I’m all too familiar with the various Five Guys *near* Wheaton! I would like something IN Wheaton. Maybe something non-Five Guys, for regional diversity. But something. And downtown would be better than by H Mart, but I think that’s a few years off, or more.

    I agree, Royal Mile makes a tasty burger, and lots of other good food too. But, right, it’s not fast.

  4. Try Dave Nuttycombe’s campaign to “bring Five Guys to Silver Spring,” but for Wheaton!


  5. I used to go to Barnaby’s for great burgers and fries (sob). Have never been to The Royal Mile, so am grad to hear that it should be tried. I dislike Five Guys; both their burgers and their limp, greasy fries. (I’m a “crisp fries” gal.) If a chain came in, I’d like it to be Johnny rockets, where the fries and the onion rings are awsome, as well as the burgers. That would also provide us with a place for real malted milks and made-to-order shakes. Yum! While we wait, I will try the RM!

  6. I wish I were ambitious enough to start an actual campaign! For now, I’m just going to sit here and complain/daydream. 🙂

    Yes, Barnaby’s demise is much-lamented in our household. I hope you like RM, I’m pretty sure you will — as much as we enjoyed Barnaby’s, the food at RM has always been better across the board. FG fries can be crisp if you get a fresh batch, but I agree they are too often soggy — but at least they’re real, quality potatoes. I have never been to JRockets, I always assumed they were just another mediocre chain, I guess I’ll have to try them sometime.

  7. That burger king is no way in wheaton. its past glenmont, and even past aspen hill. You’re talking about the one up at leisureworld right? That said, I’ve heard good things about the quarry house taverns burgers in silver spring and its probably closer than the burger king.

    Speaking of where wheaton is, I would say the borders roughly speaking are:

    North: Arcola/Parker (Glenmont beyond)
    East: Arcola and Siligo Creek Pkway (4 corners beyond)
    South: Dennis (Forest Glen beyond)
    West: West is hard, but I would roughly draw a line between the west end of Dennis, and the west end of Parker.(Kensington beyond)

    I wouldn’t even put h-mart in wheaton, even though its next to wheaton regionals main entrance.

    Wheaton had a great burger history though. There was the little tavern burger place as commemorized here:


    And I remember hearing about the burgers at place called hot shoppes too.

    All that said, I would love a BGR or Hellburger caliber place around here. Keep the rest of that trash from 5 guys and worse away though please (best sandwich there is their grilled cheese).

  8. Thanks for all the info, especially re the Little Tavern — wish we had that today! I like the 5G grilled cheese but they always look at me funny when I order it and sometimes “forget” to make it at all, so I rarely order it.

    The BK I mean is just north of Randolph, on Georgia (is that near LeisureWorld?) — I agree, it’s not in Wheaton, just thought I’d add it to the mix. Can’t argue with your Wheaton boundaries, although the Wheaton Library is north of Arcola, and H-Mart isn’t much north of that. “Greater Wheaton” anyone?

    Hot Shoppes were quite popular back in the day, I hear, and many people don’t know that Hot Shoppes Inc. was started by J. Willard Marriott in 1957 and actually became the Marriott Corp. (i.e. the hotel chain) in 1967.

  9. Hmm this is true, i hadnt thought about it till now but I have to admit i have been getting my burgers from MacDonalds and thats just not quality food…. we could do with a place! I still dont quite know what to make of Royal Mile , havent had their burgers yet though.

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