Lowering the Boom

I find myself getting irritated by the Safeway across from the Wheaton Metro — you know, future site of new, improved Safeway and 14 tightly packed stories of peeps. Irritated because it has been closed since December 19 and yet it still stands, taunting us with the giant “closed” letters on its facade. If they weren’t ready to demolish the building and start with the new structure, why did it close?  With every day that passes, the decision to close the store looks worse and worse. But it is not the Safeway itself that deserves my scorn, it is instead the Wheaton planners or the MoCo planners or the developers, or all of the above, who are letting this project slide.

Meanwhile, we are told that Wheaton is demographically poised for a boom. That may be true, I hope it is, but maybe they could start by actually moving forward with the pre-boom that is already supposedly in the works. Make the Safeway go boom!  That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

Also, Bernice August mostly likes New Kam Fong (2400 University). What’s not to like?


3 responses to “Lowering the Boom

  1. Supposedly the building is structurally unsound, and Safeway did not want to invest the money to repair it. The only alternative was to close.

  2. As Bill Clinton would so often remark, “I feel your pain.” Us folks down here in Silver Spring are this very day marking the 3 year anniversary of when the Washington Post announced with great fanfare that the Hook & Ladder BrewPub will “soon” be pouring beer. Yes, March 5th 2007, a day that offered us so much hope and promise, and now look at us.
    Btw, I think I mentioned the other day that Goldberg Bagels just south of the Beltway in “ugly strip land” has opened. Also “Andy’s American & Chinese Restaurant” (I know, the name is just wrong!) next door to Goldberg’s seems to be getting some good word of mouth on Yelp. Haven’t tried them yet, but might do a delivery order from them sometime soon to check it out.

  3. Jacob is right. There were code violations which made them close early. I don’t know what the fuss is about. It was a horrible safeway…in the 39 years of living in Wheaton, I can count of two hands the amount of times I ran in to get something I forgot.

    Wheaton needs a big transformation…tired of all the chicken places, we need new restaurants and better storefronts. I know that there are those that want to keep alot of the mom and pop shops, but overall, they are not helping the economy especially when I have to go from Wheaton to Silver Spring, Bethesda, or Rockville to eat out. You may think the food is good local, but as a friend of a county health inspector, you would be surprised what is behind the counters and in the kitchen. These storefronts need to be cleaned up or tore down and rebuild….

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