Nava and Oscar Eatin’

We introduced another newbie to Nava today at lunch with the usual results. Pad Thai, Panang curry, crispy pork kaprow, Thai iced teas all around.  All good. Kaprow!

Our creamy Nava filling was sandwiched between Oscar related meals, including last night’s Oscar Eve party at friends’ house. They do a themed menu every year with dishes inspired by various nominees, and with ten potential Best Pictures this year, the spread was pretty awesome, especially the charcuterie, a sort of shrimp etoufee, and yummy chocolate cookies.  I love a good theme party, this one was lots of fun.

And tonight we didn’t really do an Oscar theme meal but we did grill burgers — so nice to be able to grill again! Good riddance, February! — and are ready for a Girl Scout Thin Mint-fueled Oscar viewing experience starting in mere minutes.


2 responses to “Nava and Oscar Eatin’

  1. The kaprow at Nava Thai, in all of its forms, is so good. I’ve been eating myself around the world from inside the Wheaton Triangle this month, and I mainly have this blog to thank for pointing me to the best places. Keep it up!

  2. Glad you’re enjoying the Wheaton eatin’. Kaprow!

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