Wheaton Cheese Chase

Not yet a reality, but it could happen. The Gloucestershire cheese chase has been cancelled for the first time in centuries due to overpopularity. The chase is inherently unsafe to begin with, and too many spectators makes it worse. But I think this would be a fine cultural and culinary event for Wheaton to pick up the slack. We could roll three rounds of Double Gloucester in the Metro, one per escalator; for extra challenge the escalators could be running up. Or we could stage the roll down Reedie, starting at Georgia and ending at Viers Mill.  Traffic could be temporarily diverted or not, depending on one’s goals for the event.

What could possibly go wrong?


One response to “Wheaton Cheese Chase

  1. Not really related to the cheese chase, but I noticed Just Up The Pike did a photo stroll around downtown Wheaton today, highlighting various stores and restaurants.

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