JUTP Wheaton Foto-rama

Just Up The Pike has posted a photoblog of Wheaton (h/t Steve in the comments). I started to type “nice photoblog” but rethought the adjective and couldn’t come up with anything that quite captures the essence of the post, so I will let the photos, which certainly capture the essence of Wheaton (good eatin’ mostly aside), speak for themselves. I need to make a “Lazy Wheaton Sunday” video at some point.


One response to “JUTP Wheaton Foto-rama

  1. Thanks for the shout-out!
    Also, as a follow-up to a post from a couple months’ ago, I wanted to mention that Wegmans is now officially coming to MoCo. It’ll be a bit of a hike up I-270 to the Ridge Rd/Father Hurley Blvd exit, but it might end up being that little bit closer than the one being constructed in HoCo (Columbia). However the one in HoCo is more likely to open first despite encountering various legal problems.


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