La Festa de San Giuseppe

Yesterday’s mail brought a menu from the new Panda Wok (2444-B Ennals), because Wheaton needed another Chinese restaurant. Was PW a tempting option for today’s lunch?  Maybe, but today is St. Joseph’s Day, and that means zeppole at Marchone’s:


Marchone's Zeppola!

A giant doughnutty fritter, at once both light and heavy, filled with mascarpone cream and topped with sugary glaze and a cherry. These babies only show up once a year, so if you want one in 2010, better get to Marchone’s by sundown. Giuseppe, thank you for fried goodness this day.

The cheesesteak that preceded my zeppola was also good as usual. Mmmm, cheesesteak…


2 responses to “La Festa de San Giuseppe

  1. MMM Marchones – this just may be my lunch option now – though I love the Meatball sub more than anything else 🙂 Zeppola to polish it off.

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