And We’re Back

Did some eatin’ in Scottsdale over a long weekend and have been on the go ever since returning home. Trip report soon.  Meanwhile, what did I miss?  Mrs. Me had pad thai at Ruan and gave it a thumbs down — she has become spoiled by the Nava version. Costco is a step closer to the Wheaton Mall, but 5-4 is not an overwhelming majority of support on the MoCo council. Opposition appears to be mostly to the gas station component of Costco rather than to Costco itself, and I agree that the fast-tracked zoning amendment is an iffy precedent, at best. I also don’t care about Costco gas, since within reason, I would rather pay more and wait less. Regardless, if we say no gas station and Costco says if no gas station then no Costco…the math seems clear. Public meeting April 20 should be interesting.  If Costco is smart, they will be passing out free hot dogs (if not gas coupons) to all attendees. But surely Kensingtonians and Wheatonites can’t be so easily bribed?!


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