Scottsdale Trip Report — Day One

Flew direct Baltimore to Phoenix on Southwest and rejected all offers of snacks on the plane because I brought a Marchone’s cold cut sub with me. Brilliant. A fine flight.

Large group dinner in Scottsdale at the Old Town Tortilla Factory (6910 East Main Street), a tourist-trappy kind of place with a gargantuan, brightly-lit-fountain-festooned outdoor patio, plenty of indoor space, and (given the large number of tables) tiny restrooms. Our waiter was a too cool for school Chatty Cathy type but he must have done something right because he got us each to order a “Treasure Margarita,” advertised as containing El Tesoro tequila, Grand Marnier and “fresh citrus juice” but clearly also containing sour mix. Margarita foul!! Very disappointing.  Food was okay, the appetizer platter was mostly nachos (and by “nachos” I mean “chips” with little topping); people who ordered the red chile pork chop were happy despite the mediocre potatos on the side; people (like me) who ordered enchiladas were reasonably happy; other people were less happy but I forget what they ate.

Also on the menu: a “stuffed filet mignon,” stuffed with cheese and corn. “Where are you gonna find a stuffed filet?” asked our waiter, presumably (although not clearly) rhetorically. Someone ordered it and it was okay but perhaps not worth the buildup.

Overall we had fun and it was a block from our hotel, always a plus, but on the other hand I wouldn’t eat there again.

Day Two: better eatin’ in Scottsdale, and a baseball game breaks out.


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