Fire Station 1 Brew Pub, Almost

Silver Spring’s much-anticipated brewpub, aka Fire Station 1, is finally almost ready to open at Georgia and Silver Spring at the site of the old fire station, which moved across Georgia. We’ve been waiting for years. It was supposed to be owned by the Hook and Ladder beer folks, but neither website refers to the other, so it is unclear if they are actually related in the end. The menu is really long and diverse, which makes me worry about the food quality, but hopefully at least the appetizers will be solid. If they get the atmosphere right, they’ll be fine, and even if they don’t, they’ll probably be fine. I think this will be a very very popular watering  hole. No official opening date as far as I know, but soon.


3 responses to “Fire Station 1 Brew Pub, Almost

  1. While we’re on a Silver Spring themed post I thought I’d mention that the big restaurant news in town is the return of Chef Pedro Morales, the guy who put Nicaro on the map (although by all accounts it very quickly went downhill after he left).
    He has opened his new establishment “8407” next to the transit center construction. An early review on SoCo Eats is extremely favorable – (scroll down to the end of the comments for the actual review). Also noticed a good first review on Yelp – there are 2 reviews on Yelp to date, but only one of them actually tasted the food so I discounted the other review. Might have to give this place a try in the near future.

  2. Oops, I meant Pedro Matamoros not Pedro Morales the WWE Hall of Fame wrestler.

  3. Always nice to try the food before reviewing…sheesh. If 8407 is at least half as good as either 2941 (Falls Church) or 1884 (Mendoza, Argentina) then I can’t wait to try it.

    That reminds me of classic WWF repartee:
    Jesse Ventura: “..Chico Santana.”
    Gorilla Monsoon: “No, Tito…TITO Santana.”
    Ventura: “That’s what I said, Chico Santana.”
    (it went downhill from there)

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