Good Eatin’ in Gaithersburg?

A Kentlands culinary twofer in today’s Gazette. Bernice August’s regularly-scheduled restaurant review features Pacifica Café (621 Center Point Way), mostly Chinese but pan-Asian, sounds pretty good though I’m wary of too-diverse menus. Anyway, I am not likely to eat there given Wheaton’s array of good-to-excellent Chinese and Thai, plus the awesome Joe’s Noodle House on Rockville Pike.  

Also, former NBAers are opening “Tony and James” next month just down the street at 654 Center Point Way. “Upscale American fare… [targeted at] the businessmen, happy couples, the family and high-end singles and image-seekers.” Yeesh. 8,000 square feet, 40 televisions plus a 133″ projection screen. Does that sound like Gaithersburg? Maybe so. What it does not sound like is a place we (despite our card-carrying happy couple status) will ever spend money.

UPDATE: Sietsema’s chat got all Gaithersburgy this morning, with recs for The Nibbler, Burma Road, Michael’s Noodles, Sushi Chalet, Dogfish Head Brewery (the commenter said “more [for] beer than food” and that’s exactly right), and La Canela. Is it Gaithersburg Week and nobody told me? I like both DHB and Canela. The Nibbler is apparently Peruvian, in a strip mall, and has no website, sounds good to me. I am also intrigued by Burma Road, with its (unintentionally, I assume) retro website and its rare .biz domain. Michael’s Noodles is in Rockville, supposed to be good, haven’t been. La Canela also in Rville, La Flor de la Canela is in Gburg, both Peruvian and both good. Lots of canela to go around around up there.


3 responses to “Good Eatin’ in Gaithersburg?

  1. Gaithersburg? My maps of this area show only sea serpents and other strange beasties beyond Rockville.
    By the way, I have to agree with you re the tony & James place. I no more want to dine at a restaurant run by former athletes than I want to watch a sports event played by former chefs (although as a side note I should point out that Gordon Ramsey once tried out for Glasgow Rangers – no small feat).

  2. But Steve, as an image-seeker, you are right in the Tony & James target demo! Plus sea serpents taste gooood.
    For some reason your comment reminded me of the Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook episode featuring the Red Dwarf cast cooking curries and titled “Can’t Smeg, Won’t Smeg” — I don’t recall the details but remember nearly falling off the couch laughing. Ainsley Harriott, Lister and RImmer are an unfallably funny combination. Have you seen?

  3. Can’t say I’ve seen that, but it sounds good. Red Dwarf was an underappreciated show, although I have to confess I only saw a handful of episodes. The thought of that bunch in a cooking show sounds hilarious. Btw, I didn’t realize that they made over 650 episodes of Can’t Cook Won’t Cook.

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