Step Away From The Bunny

I keep forgetting it is Easter and many stores and food procurement places are closed.  No eatin’ (out) in Wheaton this weekend. First lawn mowing of the spring. Have not seen any bunnies today (we do see bunnies in the yard from time to time).

The lime situation remains dire:

  • Giant: 2 for $1, okay quality
  • Safeway: 2 for $1, looked nasty
  • H Mart: 3 for $1, okay quality mixed with a lot of trending brown/dark yellow (not ideal unless you’re pretending they are Easter eggs)
  • Hung Phat: 3 for $1, okay quality

So Hung Phat (11315 Fern, across parking lot from Nava) is our current leader. Small store with little parking, but in some areas of Asian foods (e.g. prepared curry mixes, dried shellfish, jars of who-knows-what) has a better selection than even H Mart. They used to have banh mi for weekday lunch, I wonder if they do still?


One response to “Step Away From The Bunny

  1. Thanks for the Wall Street Journal style “Lime Index” – are there such things as lime futures?
    Bringing you more restaurant news from ‘da Spring: Jackie’s has just opened it’s new Sidebar. A review is posted on the DCist (

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