Restaurants Silver Springing Up All Over

In terms of price-to-quality, and even to some extent variety and just quality period, I think Wheaton overall stacks up well against Silver Spring (not to mention the rest of MoCo — Bethesda is so overrated!), but this month the excitement is all to the South. 8407 just opened a couple of weeks ago (sans tikis) and already the Gazette is on the case (maybe a little early for a review, hmmm?).  Jackie’s opened their new Sidebar (get it? Bar, to the side of Jackie’s!?) on April 1. Fire Station 1 brewpub is coming. These are all examples of why the despised Red Lobster ought never be allowed to define the Silver Sprung dining scene. The SS trend is in the right direction IMO, especially since some of the older holes-in-wall are surviving alongside the gentrification. Remains to be seen whether Wheaton will benefit in similar ways over the next 10-20 years…


4 responses to “Restaurants Silver Springing Up All Over

  1. I have to agree. I think that for too long Silver Spring has been unfairly labeled a chain restaurant waste land, whereas in reality it was populated with a number of fine independents (Mrs K’s, Cubanos, Jackies, Sergios, etc). It’s certainly good to see more join this list, and in fact we can add yet another, Pacci’s Pizza (in a weird shaped building near The World Building) which is slated to open next week I believe. By the way, a recent visit to Mrs K’s confirmed that it really does deserve to be on my list of top 10 restaurants in the DC area when you consider service and atmosphere in addition to the food.
    On a side note, we tried Zest last night down in Barracks Row for a pre-game meal. Pretty decent, nice enough atmosphere, worth a return visit. That area down on 8th St SE is really becoming quite the restaurant scene.

  2. I like plenty of places in SS but the Red Lobster really is the poster child for whats wrong with the dual facing, disneyfied, strip mall that is Ellsworth.

    • I mean I agree that the path SS looks to be on is awesome, but it’s like they sold some of their soul (or best located land) to get there. I hope wheaton doesn’t go that style. Kicking out Peterson co at this point would probably be pretty hard and soon they will be limiting how nice SS can be. Or at least how seriously it can be taken.

  3. We tried 8407 last night and had a great experience. I love the decor particularly because of the open wood beam ceiling and exposed brick. You could tell our server was not seasoned in more upscale restaurants but he made up for it by being incredibly nice. And the food was delicious as well. I was hoping for a more extensive beer menu but if I really need that I can hit up Quarry House. We can’t wait to go back and try more menu items.

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