It Came In The Mail: Kenny’s Sub Shop

We will see all those new fancypants Silver Spring restaurants and raise them one Kenny’s Sub Shop (11210 Georgia, at Reedie next to Dunkin’ Donuts). Kenny’s is a small local chain and since I have not eaten there I will not make fun of their menu too much. In the interest of science, I hereby promise to try them sometime.

But here are some of my difficulties with Kenny’s. First, the name “sub shop” — they do have subs, but 70 percent of their menu is Chinese food, and a mix of Sichuan, Hunan and Mandarin at that.  Or at least Americanized versions of those.  My orange peel beef/chicken quest continues, but dare I try it at a “sub shop”?  Doubt.  The menu promises up front “Steaks Hamburgers Subs Seafood Chicken Chinese Food” and they also have apple pie and “Sweet Bun (Donut)”.  I think that covers it.  I’ve said it before, I am wary of too-diverse menus.  The spelling and grammar errors, on the other hand, are endearing.

Oh, they also have both hot subs and cold subs.  Fried Crab Stick. Both Buffalo wings and (Chinese) wings, which come with “Mumbo Sauce.”  Enormous menu.

Would love to hear from someone who has eaten at Kenny’s, especially a regular. I bet they have plenty of regulars. Who knows, maybe it is good?  I like a good local chain. I will try them one of these days. I’m tempted to institute a policy of eating at least once at any Wheaton restaurant that sends me a menu in the mail, but I fear Mrs. Me might actually hold me to that policy…

Oops, and here comes the lightning, time to post this puppy and shut down. Happy thunderstorm!


9 responses to “It Came In The Mail: Kenny’s Sub Shop

  1. City Paper once had a piece about Chinese carryouts on Georgia avenue that all have neon and other signs advertising, invariably, “Chicken – Seafood – Subs.” Myself, I see two types of Chinese places: those with Chinese vegetables (ch. broccoli, bok choy, etc) but no delivery (Full Key, Paul Kee, and the new places), and those with delivery, “Chicken – Seafood – Subs,” but no Chinese vegetables (Brothers, Kenny’s). The latter can be useful if you don’t feel like going out – Brothers does a decent twice cooked pork.

    And mambo or mumbo sauce commonly accompanies wings in DC.

  2. We got the menu in the mail today too and I’ve had the same concerns with Kenny’s. There’s just too much going on with menu and, as you said, barely any subs. I’m interested to hear what others say.

  3. Is this Kenny related in any way to Kenny of “Kenny’s Peruvian Chicken” fame in 4 corners? I’m guessing this is all part of the chain you mention, but I’m wondering how diverse they get. Will there be a “Kenny’s Inn at Little Washington” in the future?
    By the way, Andy’s American and Chinese Restaurant in Montgomery Hills (next to Goldberg Bagels and Tropical Ice Cream) has the same sort of shotgun approach to menus – pretty much anything you can think of is on there. The surprising aspect to Andy’s is how good the reviews are on Yelp, however we haven’t been brave enough to pull the trigger yet.

  4. I don’t think this is related to the chicken place, but thats just based on their different ambiance/style. They seem of quite different cultures.

    Kenny’s sub shop is about as low as it gets. It’s some of the sleaziest, greasiest, food I’ve ever had. Imagine crossing a bad diner with a roach coach that has frozen chinese food and you get Kenny’s.

    That said, I’ve gotten food from their at least 3 times in many years. The cheeseburger sub stood out for its sleazy goodness, and ability to be delivered.

  5. Saw this place recently and actually pulled into the parking lot. A former Philadelphian, I always long for a decent independent sub shop (good luck finding many here). Man was I disappointed when I saw it was basically chinese food. Maybe I’m crazy, but if I want chinese, I’ll order from a deliberately chinese place. If I want subs, I’d much rather go somewhere that know’s what they’re doing (Marchone’s anyone?)

  6. I love how despite the nasty description, Willy admits to repeat Kenny’s deliveries. I am going to have to try them, but probably not in the immediate future.

    Right, why go anywhere other than Marchone’s, who does a great job by non-Philly standards? Okay, they’re no Tony Luke’s, but who around here is? I haven’t been to the newish sub place on H Street, Taylor Gourmet, but even if they’re great it’s too far from Wheaton to bother, really.

  7. We’ve actually had food at Andy’s a few times and are always happy with it. We ate in the restaurant during opening week and found the place to be spotless and the staff friendly. Since then we’ve had them deliver Chinese food to us a few times and the food is always good. They definitely have a hodge podge of menu items but we give them two thumbs up.

  8. Well that does it, I guess I’m going to have to order me up some Andy’s sometime soon – I’m leaning towards their chinese side of the menu rather than their american side.
    It also sounds like I’ll have to grab my passport and head up Georgia Avenue into Wheaton to try Marchone’s. This is like the 3rd or 4th time I’ve heard rave reviews about the place.

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