Wheaton Giant Overemployment Update

The Wheaton Mall Giant has apparently switched from full court press back to a sort of zone: nobody offered to help me carry my groceries to my car last night.  As part of their grand remodel/reopening a few weeks ago, they had been insisting on escorting everyone to his or her car, like it or not. They still have a bagger at every checkout; mine last night was a refreshingly sullen teenager, just like the good old days. At least there weren’t groups of employees loitering aimlessly while shoppers who actually could have used some help were left to fend for themselves, as had been observed in recent weeks.


3 responses to “Wheaton Giant Overemployment Update

  1. Strangely enough i have noticed the same thing – maybe I am just going at the wrong times and should brave a Sunday afternoon but lately its been a bit weak on service.

  2. Seriously, last week it was awful. I ran in for a few (quick) things, and it took 30 minutes, 20 of which were spent at the deli counter, where there was one person working — not on the line in front of her, but on a “phone in” pre-order. As the line got longer and as the “would you like to taste this?” people continued to mill about the produce dept doing, well, NOTHING, I asked one of them if they might be able to lend a hand. He said “oh no, I can’t do that!” Whatever. They’ve certainly ramped up the # of people working, but in my humble opinion, they’ve placed them in the wrong service areas! Back to H Mart for me. By the way, did you know that there are H Mart coupons (sort of) on line? (in Chinese!) http://www.hmart.com/company_new/shop_coupon_main.asp

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