Things That May Or May Not Be Bad For You

What is bad? What is good? What is “you”? Just what we need, a philosophy food blog.

Whether Wheaton should welcome Costco and its cheap bulk allegedly environment destroying Bunyan-sized gas station is NOT the topic of tonight’s MoCo Council public hearing — that discussion has been rescheduled for the May 20 meeting. Got that, WUDAC?  No?  Whatev.

Which is more unhealthy, swimming in a public (?) pool downstream from Costco’s gas station or eating the new KFC Double Down sandwich? Data suggests the DD is not so bad, depending on what it is compared to, unless you calculate badness per calorie, in which case bleccch.  Also, beware Panera! I could have told you that. I wish Nate Silver had included the Lankford Grocery burger in his study, it might have broken all the dials. Come to think of it, the Costco footlong hot dog would also have been a fine addition to the study.

There is a KFC in Wheaton but I do not expect to try the DD anytime soon.


2 responses to “Things That May Or May Not Be Bad For You

  1. I don’t think Kenmont is a public pool.

    I wonder if it would be profitable for costco to buy and shutdown the pool in order to get it’s gas station. I suppose the surrounding houses would still be an issue though. I’m not advocating this, btw, just wondering out loud.

  2. The Double-Down has certainly struck a nerve in this country. Maybe it’s the name which serves up heaps of gambling connotations, almost like it’s somehow daring you to try it. I have to admit that I’m not willing to roll the dice and gamble with my health. Also I still think Wendy’s Baconator has the most “in your face” name out there – it’s just bad-ass.
    Gotta admit, Panera surprised me. I usually get their ham and cheese sandwich, but hadn’t realized that had some real artery clogging stuff on the menu.
    Talking of artery clogging, is shouting “CLEAR” in a fast-food restaurant like shouting “FIRE” in a theater – i.e., not covered by the 1st Amendment?

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