Hollywood East III: A Little to the West This Time

Hollywood East is open in their new Wheaton Mall location, and the Gazette already has a (positive of course) review up.  Brian Patterson focuses on the dim sum, which was HE’s strongest point in their former locations. I look forward to trying the new version myself sometime. The mall doesn’t seem like a great spot, and for me personally is much less convenient than New Kam Fong, or any of Wheaton’s other half-dozen Chinese restaurants, most of which are decent. But HE dim sum was great back in the day, so could still be worth the trip. Hope their ongoing former location lease disputes don’t prove fatal to the new outpost.

Gazette-o-rama: also the news that the MoCo Planning Board approved the 18-story Safeway/housing development across from the Wheaton Metro.  That’s 14 floors of apartments and four floors of Safeway and parking, plus more parking underground.  Construction to start by next spring, which seems a long way away. Can’t wait for demolition.


6 responses to “Hollywood East III: A Little to the West This Time

  1. dave in wheaton

    I haven’t made it to Hollywood East on the Parking Lot yet either, but I am planning on it next time I’m hungry at the Plaza. I too miss the Dim Sum. But Kam Fong dumplings and duck have taken over most of my Wheaton Chinese budget.

    As to the Safeway project – wow, that was a quick and quiet approval process! I still won’t get my hopes up too high until the bulldozers roll up, but I am excited by how fast this project has been moving. Unlike a certain local developer, Safeway/Patriot seems to be eager to place a big bet on downtown Wheaton with this size project. That has to be a good sign. For those interested in such things a PDF of the plans approved by the council are posted here.

  2. Ok, I’m going to have to confess…..I’m not a fan of Dim Sum. I realize that probably puts me in the minority, but it’s true. My reasons are as follows: I’m never quite sure whether the trolley that I’m looking at is the best one to opt for or whether I should wait and see if there’s something better on the next one (i.e. I’m kind of working in the dark). This sort of leads to a staccato style of eating – one minute there’s food, then there’s long gaps, then there’s food, etc. I tend to prefer more of a flow to my meal. Then there’s the whole issue of how much the meal is going to end up costing – I often find that Dim Sum is just not good value for money. And finally, I can’t help feeling that some of the stuff on the trolley has been sitting on the trolley for quite a while as it slowly makes its way around the room. Other than that I have no issues with it.

    As to the Safeway project: I’m a little disappointed that its not 14 floors of Safeway and 4 floors of apartments. Just imagine a whole floor dedicated to potato chips!

  3. Dave: thanks for the link to the plans. I’ll believe they’re moving forward when I see the current structure go down in a heap…

    Steve: I think you’re confusing dim sum with Wang Chung. You’re not a big Wang Chung fan. Dim sum, unlike Wang Chung, rocks! I disagree re value: dim sum can be excellent value. But you should also try the dim sum at New Kam Fong, where they don’t have carts, you make selections off a menu, kind of like a lot of sushi restaurants, and then they bring you a parade of dishes. Plus NKF also rocks generally.

  4. I can’t wait to try this place! I’ve only had dim sum once before and loved it. My friend just went for Sunday brunch and said the dim sum was fantastic, as usual.

    Thanks for putting my website on your blogroll!!

  5. Thanks Ashley, I hope you give NKF a second chance too. I like your Wheaton Goings-On calendar, excellent idea.

  6. The good news is that Bob Seger’s “Hollywood Hills” song is no longer going round and round my head like an out of control dim sum trolley. The bad news is that “Everybody Wang Chung Tonight” has replaced it.
    Ok, you’ve convinced me, I’d be willing to try the dim sum at NKF as long as I can order off the menu.

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