Lime Index Update

Overall lime quality was up across the board this weekend but prices still not ideal.

Giant: 2 for $1, good quality
H Mart: 2 for $1 (how the mighty have fallen! or risen!), good quality
Hung Phat: 5 for $2, mostly good quality but some bad ones mixed in
*Latino Mercado: 4 for $1, looked good but didn’t buy any, having already fulfilled the week’s lime quota

* — Not sure “Latino Mercado” is the real name; they used to be in the Fern Street strip mall (where Suporn Thai is and Pashion is under perpetual build-out) and recently relocated to Elkin, across from El Pulgarcito de Callao. The mercado is tiny but a good source for some things, like limes, and also assorted dried peppers, exotic Latino spices,  and random imported frozen/canned goods. Plus they’re friendly and prices seem reasonable.


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