Would Sinatra Shop At Wheaton Costco?

All or nothing at all. I understand why Costco insists on having a gas station as part of its store. But the insistence on fast-tracking the project and bypassing the usual environmental review is just bogus.  Unless they have something to hide?  MoCo planning board discussion set for May 13, County Council on May 20. If InTrade were tracking this, odds on Costco coming to Wheaton would be trending down.

I think Frank would appreciate the bulk pasta sauce, but he would probably stick with Costco stores that sell wine, which I assume Wheaton’s would not (thanks again, MoCo!) — actually, does anyone know the answer to that?


2 responses to “Would Sinatra Shop At Wheaton Costco?

  1. I think the law is that independent groceries (sniders) can carry wine, and one store of each chain can carry alcohol (briggs chaney safeway, white oak giant).

    I don’t think the gaithersburg store carries alcohol, so maybe wheaton could.

    Does anyone know why beltsville costco doesn’t sell alcohol?? It would surprise me if it was a legal issue with the drive through liquor store less than a mile down rt 1.

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