Feliz Cinco de Mayo

Official limes of EatInWheaton’s Cinco de Mayo Margarita were procured at the Mercado Latino on Elkin Street on my way home from the metro tonight. Four for $1 — not very juicy, but still a decent value. Sterling Wegman’s was charging 79 cents apiece for limes this weekend, I did not buy any and felt marginally better about Wheaton’s lime prices.


3 responses to “Feliz Cinco de Mayo

  1. Giant has bags of 15 limes for 2.79 that look good. That’s 18.4 cents each or 5.4 for a dollar.

    I like limes as much as the next guy (unless you are the next guy) but what do you do with all these limes and why am *I* now noting the prices and quality of limes in grocery stores?

  2. Dave in Wheaton

    Likewise – I’m curious as to the price-of-limes obsession of this blog. Is it some kind of leading indicator I’m unaware of? Or do you make Margaritas from scratch on a regular basis? Is your vocation intimately tied to the wholesale lime business? You now…maybe it’d be better if you don’t explain. I sort of like not knowing.

  3. eatinwheaton

    Ha! I do in fact make margaritas from scratch on a regular basis, that’s the primary reason for the obsession — but even I can’t go through 15 limes before some of them go bad, so I don’t pay attention to bag/bulk prices. I want only about five limes per week, good quality, and no worse than three for a dollar, better still four or five for a dollar, like in the good old days at H Mart.

    Or I suppose you could just assume I’m in cahoots with the Mexican lime export cartel, which I would neither confirm nor deny…

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