Tiffin, The Indian Kitchen

Seems like ages since we last visited Tiffin (1341 University in Takoma Park just East of New Hampshire), home of superaddictive lamb biryani. We met friends for lunch today, and three of us had the buffet, which is an exception to the rule that most buffets are mediocre.  Tiffin’s is excellent and diverse, with all kinds of choices from chickpeas to palak paneer to a couple of curries, chicken biryani, etc etc. A good all-you-can-eat spread for $12 ($10 on weekdays).  The chicken biryani wasn’t enough for Mrs. Me though, who had to go regular menu and get the lamb biryani, which rocked as always.

Not much ambience at Tiffin and the service can be a little slow, but always friendly, and we love the food, they are consistently underrated by the greater DC restaurant reviewers and tend to be overshadowed by their sister restaurant, the vegetarian Udupi Palace, located just one strip mall up University. Udupi is good but Tiffin is just as good and we’re unrepentant carnivores, so Tiffin it is.  And it’s the closest excellent Indian food to Wheaton, unless I’m missing somewhere good in Silver Spring.  They don’t try to be cutting edge like Rasika or fancy like Indique, they’re just straightforward, relatively affordable, really good Indian food.

The only negatives are the parking lot (small) and the traffic on that stretch of University (horrible, road-rage-inducing, rife with constant illegally-crossing pedestrians and people walking among cars trying to sell stuff and just too many cars in general). But it’s worth it from time to time.


8 responses to “Tiffin, The Indian Kitchen

  1. Ah, you are missing Bombay, in the White Oak shopping center. Tiffin is great, I love it. Bombay is divine.

    We also have Ghar-E-Kabob in downtown Silver Spring on Wayne Avenue. Excellent.

  2. eatinwheaton

    Thanks for the ideas, I always assumed Ghar-E-Kabob was Afghani or something, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  3. Udupi will always outrank Tiffin. I hate to work in absolutes, but as a fan of meat and meat-based products, I still love Udupi much more. (They have the ambiance that Tiffin lacks.) Keep an eye out for U-Md. hipsters doing a little cultural exploration when you go there.

    But in addition to Bombay (when you’re in White Oak, you can pick up beer and wine at our Giant and our County beer and wine store), there’s also Bombay Gaylord at Georgia and Bonifant in Silver Spring. Tyler Cowen likes it, so it must be good.

  4. eatinwheaton

    Thanks, I’ve often wondered about Bombay Gaylord while driving past.

    What is a blog for if not to operate in absolutes? Gotta disagree with you on Udupi, which I have eaten at (well, gotten takeout from anyway) multiple times, and it’s just not my thing, relative to Tiffin. I’m all about the lamb biryani/vindaloo at Tiffin. Plus the hipsters are not really a selling point for me. But to each his own, and it’s so nice to have options!

  5. Thank you for the Indian recommendations. I agree that Ghar e Kabob is excellent. I really like their lunch buffet on weekdays. Is there anywhere in or near Wheaton to buy Indian groceries. I have been looking for channa masala mix I can indulge my addiction at home.

  6. I would also highly recommend Bombay Gaylord in downtown SS. Their butter chicken is really good.

  7. Guess I need to add BGaylord to the ever-growing list of places to visit.

    Sheila, not in Wheaton that I know of, but I think there’s a store in the Tiffin strip mall that might have what you want. Indian is one cuisine that has not seeped into Wheaton at all.

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