Thursday the 13th

Odds and ends.

MoCo planning board discusses Wheaton, Costco, gas stations, and environmental review at their 1:30 p.m. meeting today.  MoCo Council takes up the issue next Thursday. Lots of details, including how to contribute opinions, at Wheaton Calling.

Just Up The Pike highlights historic Wheaton photos courtesy of Elbe’s (official keg provider of GEIW parties).

Did we mention Taste of Wheaton is this Sunday? Lots more info at the official website.

This week at the Metro entrance the regular Express distributor has been joined by his counterpart from the Examiner. Based on very small sample size, the Examiner guy, although quite friendly (a little too friendly in fact, demanding people smile and say good morning), is not finding many takers for his (free) product.  I made the mistake of reading the Examiner once: it made me nearly as cranky as someone telling me to smile and say good morning.


3 responses to “Thursday the 13th

  1. I just had my first experience with the Examiner last week. It was folded up and I accidentally grabbed it not realizing that it wasn’t Express. After attempting to read a few articles, I just felt dirty, so I moved on to the crossword puzzle and tried to hide the fact that I was reading the Examiner from my fellow passengers.

    I was also impressed with the new guy giving out the Examiner (such enthusiasm!), but I will not be making that mistake again.

  2. You can check out SAVEKH.ORG for the viewpoint of the Kensington Heights Citizen’s Association on the proposed Costco gas station. Included in the site are a satellite photo showing the vecinity of the station to homes, info on contacting the Montgomery County Council about the gas station proposal, and links to a variety of background information.


  3. Thanks John. Lots of interesting info there.

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