Washington Post Ethnic Food Poll

Thanks to Just Up The Pike for catching this WaPo online poll of best DC area ethnic restaurants (of course, as Tyler Cowen would say, all food is ethnic). Good for the Post for including an “other” option in each category.  Lots of excellent choices for Thai, Chinese, and Korean, but I think they’re missing some key Peruvian entries, a couple in Wheaton (Chicken Place and Cabanita) and more in Gaithersburg (anyplace with “Canela” in the name). Vote early, vote often, let’s show the Commonwealth who’s boss.

Also, anyone know if anything momentous happened at the MoCo planning board meeting yesterday regarding the Costco gas station zoning text amendment? It is Item 12 on the agenda but there is no board action listed and I can’t find any news about it. Probably nothing big happened, but you never know…


One response to “Washington Post Ethnic Food Poll

  1. The Planning Board voted unanimously that fast tracking the gas station (the ZTA) was a bad idea, here’s a quote from Amber Parcher’s article in the Gazette:

    Planning Board commissioners said today there seemed to be no rational reason to speed up the process. The gas station provides no benefit — and actually presents potential harm — to the community members fewer than 150 feet away from its proposed location, said Chairman Royce Hanson.

    “This may not be the worst text amendment that I have ever seen, but it certainly gets honorable mention,” he said.

    For Amber’s full article see:


    The upcoming May 20 County Council Hearing on this fast tracking is another important date to keep an eye on.

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