Planning Board Tells Costco: Talk To The Hand

John noted in a comment to the previous post but I thought it warranted a higher profile: the MoCo planning board on Thursday unanimously said “thank you, no” to Costco re: the proposal to skip environmental review for their Wheaton Mall store. MoCo council gets a shot at its meeting next Thursday but I can’t imagine they’ll disagree with the planning board on this.  As the Gazette article notes, Costco could also still try to get its gasoliney way via the regular zoning process, although their public stance suggests they may just walk away. I sense that even many locals who might have supported the Costco (and still might) have been turned off by their attempt to pull and end-around the zoning regs.

Best quote, from board chairman Royce Hanson: “This may not be the worst text amendment that I have ever seen, but it certainly gets honorable mention.”

Also: Taste of Wheaton tomorrow!  Lunchtime today there was no sign of any imminent festival in the Triangle, but I expect Santa will bring all kinds of booths and stages and moon bounces overnight.


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