News Roundup

Best part of Amber Parcher’s article on the Taste of Wheaton is the great news that Marchone’s, and presumably other nearby spots, did a booming business on Sunday, outside of the festival.  Hopefully that will carry forward. Mrs. Me and I were in line behind Amber (and Mr. Amber?) when she interviewed David Kessler, waiting for fish pies.  Oh the exciting brush with MoCo celebrity! Alas, no photographic evidence.

Also in the Gazette, maybe good news about developer interest in various Wheaton sites.  It could be fabulous news, depending on deal specifics, future rents, environmental reviews (!) and so forth.

Wheaton Calling has a nice review of Cabanita, the Peruvian place we missed last time around. It’s on our list.

Fire Station 1, the long (long long long…long) awaited brew pub in Silver Spring on Georgia in the former fire house, is finally ready to open, probably next week, according to CityPaper (and h/t JUTP). Menu somehow manages to be both too big and too generic, but we keep our hopes tentatively high.

3 responses to “News Roundup

  1. I hope Wheaton doesn’t lose it’s mom and pop feel like Silver Spring did, though some new shops would be nice. Like everyone I had high hopes for the fire station pub since I can walk there. They have a larger than average beer list and somehow thinks that makes them a “brewing company”. Just down the street, we’re loving Pacci’s!

  2. What did Ms. Pacher mean by, “For the first time, the festival was held in downtown parking lot 13, which sits across Reedie Drive from the Mid-County Regional Services Center”? I thought it was in the same place it’s always been. Methinks she’s not been before.

  3. Yeah, we noticed that too — also the caption under the photo said 17th annual while the (I think accurate) article said 15th annual. I thought maybe there was confusion with the flea/farmers market moving *away* from the triangle for I think the first time. Oh well — I was focusing on the food!

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