Hooray for Hollywood (East)

Don’t take it from me, I haven’t been to the new Wheaton Mall location yet.  But WaPo professional diner Tom Sietsema has, and he writes a fairly rave review for their dim sum (despite being “greasy”) in his new restaurant guide, to be published in the WaPo Magazine this weekend and online already. Congrats HE, I will revisit you myself soon.

Sietsema’s theme this time is revisiting old favorites; in addition to Hollywood, he also hits Mrs. K’s Toll House (9201 Colesville) in Silver Spring and describes it as “at turns strange and satisfying,” liking it less well than HE apparently.  Mrs. K is conveniently on my agenda for this weekend as well; we like the atmosphere downstairs and have generally been happy with our food there. Wonder if they’ll be trying extra hard thanks to Tom?


2 responses to “Hooray for Hollywood (East)

  1. I have to admit, reading Tom’s review of Mrs K’s left me a little puzzled. I wasn’t quite sure what he made of the restaurant. On the one hand he seemed to really appreciate certain aspects of it, but on the other he almost ridiculed it’s old school roots. The one thing he never made mention of, which is surprising, is the service. I’ve usually found it very good there. Overall, I’d have to give Tom’s review *1/2 out of ****.

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